“Each letter is a world, each word is a universe”

La fabrique des mots is not a translation agency. It sees itself as a group of professionals, each one free to act independently. There can be no question of a hierarchy, each member is responsible for himself. On the other hand, there is a single shared goal, that of responding to the demands of what is required and of quality.

Robert Scott McInnes

Born in Australia in 1947. Has lived in Vienna for forty years. More than twenty years of experience in all aspects of international scientific publishing. Started professional translating activities fifteen years ago. Since that time, numerous translations from German and French into English for publishers including Prestel, Hirmer, Birkhäuser, Berlin University Press and Picus, as well as museums and other public and private enterprises in Austria, Germany and France. Specialized in – but not restricted to – modern and contemporary art, photography, architecture and politics.