“Each letter is a world, each word is a universe”

La fabrique des mots is not a translation agency. It sees itself as a group of professionals, each one free to act independently. There can be no question of a hierarchy, each member is responsible for himself. On the other hand, there is a single shared goal, that of responding to the demands of what is required and of quality.

Josie Mély

Translator and conference interpreter, graduate of Heidelberg University.
Freelance interpreter (European organisations, ministries, Franco-German institutions, conferences), then project manager for ARTE France (1991–2016).
Translations from German and English into French:
1. Publishing: Literature, fine arts, history, politics, exhibition catalogues. Selected works: Frida Kahlo (H. Prignitz-Poda), Marlène Dietrich (Franz Hessel), P. P. Brueghel au Kunsthistorisches Museum de Vienne, Les Essentielles (K. Blossfeldt), Art nouveau (S. Wichmann), Exil en paradis, écrivains et artistes sur la Riviera 1933-1945 (M. Flügge), Le journaliste indésirable (G. Wallraff), L’impensable défaite – L’Allemagne déchirée 1918-1933 (G. Krumeich), Letters home (S. Plath), Le Crépuscule du monde (Werner Herzog). 2. Cinema and audio-visual work: Translation of screenplays, film projects, language adaption for dubbing and voiceovers, recording supervision, subtitling (cinema, theatre, fiction, documentaries, series, live festivals), funding applications. Member of the SCAM (Société Civile Auteurs Multimedia) collecting society.
Member of the Association des Traducteurs Littéraires de France, Association des Traducteurs/Adapteurs de l’Audiovisuel (ATAA), and the Franco-German Film Academy.