“Each letter is a world, each word is a universe”

La fabrique des mots is not a translation agency. It sees itself as a group of professionals, each one free to act independently. There can be no question of a hierarchy, each member is responsible for himself. On the other hand, there is a single shared goal, that of responding to the demands of what is required and of quality.

Martine Passelaigue

Born in Marseille, educated in Marseille, Munich and Paris. Studied the theory of linguistics at the universities of Munich and Bordeaux. Master of German Studies. Diploma in Translation (Sworn Translator). Co-ordinating editor mainly in the domains of art and musicology, editorial work in Germany, France, Switzerland and the Middle East

Twenty years of regular collaboration with major museums and publishers in Germany, France and Switzerland. Publications in the bilingual DTV collection.
Member of the association of Literary translators in France (ATLF).